Introduction to CLIMATE CONTROLLED Storage

All Safe Mini Stor-It offers over 200 CLIMATE CONTOL self storage units to the general public. So what does the term CLIMATE CONTROLED mean? We want you to understand the term CLIMATE CONTROL, is often misused by some storage facilities. Furthermore, Climate Control services will vary from one storage company to another and from one geographic area of the country to another.

At All Safe Mini Stor-It our Climate Control Mission Statement is: We strive to provide a storage experience free from worry and hassle relative to temperature, humidity, airborne particles, and insect/rodent intrusion. Additional articles to follow cover the specifics of our CLIMATE CONTROL service: Dehumidification, Winter Heat, Dust and Dirt Control, Insect and Rodent, Control Security.


As we get into the fall months we turn up the HEAT in our Climate Control areas to 55 degrees. That is not warm enough to live in and we definitely don't want you to do that! But, it is warm enough to work in if you need to sort and file business records; stock and retrieve merchandise; or search for those Christmas decorations.

Heated storage space for the winter is of value to sales reps with product or samples that will freeze or deteriorate with sub zero temperatures. For household and office furniture heating to a moderate temperature prevents deterioration of fine woods and finishes, fabrics and vinyl's during long cold temperatures of Wisconsin winters. But perhaps even more damaging is the winter temperature fluctuations of sub zero to thawing and repeated again and again. Our constant 24/7, 55 degree environment ends all that risk.

We heat to 55 degrees and not to 70 degrees for several reasons. The obvious additional energy cost is reason one. It is not as nice to work in 55 degrees as it would be in 70 degrees. But keep this in mind, 99% of time there is no one there. Also, with the higher temperature of 70 degrees we would experience excessive dryness and in turn cause damage to furniture woods and finishes as well as create static electricity. Over the years of watching the winter humidity levels we have found that 55 degrees is the best temperature when balancing all of the factors; energy consumption, a desirable winter humidity level, a reasonable short term work environment and the lowest cost possible to our customers.


The worst enemy of storage is HUMIDITY!! Conventional, or standard, self storage units will act just like your garage at home. When the outside atmosphere's relative humidity rises so will the atmosphere, or air, in storage units. Boxes, cloth, paper and other moisture absorbing materials easily take on this humidity, but are slow to give it off when the outside air dries. Repetitive occurrences of increased humidity will eventually create mildew and mold.

The worst time of the year for conventional storage units is the spring. In our northern states we have cold spring nights and the contents of storage units can be as cold as the night time temperatures. On a warm spring day often humidity levels rise and in turn so does the air in conventional storage units. A simple example of what will occur is what happens to a glass of ice water, the atmospheric humidity condenses on the outside of the glass. Likewise, the humidity in the conventional storage unit will condense on the cold items in storage and the cold concrete floor. In one word, TROUBLE!

To the rescue....CLIMATE CONTROL STORAGE! At All Safe Mini Stor-It we do several things to solve this problem. First of all we run large commercial dehumidifiers 24/7 beginning around May first through October. We have chosen dehumidifiers verses air conditioners for several reasons. The construction of our buildings is concrete block verses tin buildings, as we call them. The result is the interior temperatures never get above 80 degrees. Air Conditioning is used to control humidity and air temperature, the latter of which is not our problem. In buildings of lesser construction and in facilities much further south, air conditioning might be the chosen approach.

Another feature is that we have limited the openings in our buildings to minimize the intrusion of humidity. Tenants move in through a common door, down ample hallways and enter their unit through doors that open onto the hallway, similar to a hotel.


Standard storage units typically open up directly to the outside, or the drive way. Consequently they are subject to the dust and dirt from the drives. On the other hand, CLIMATE CONTROL units, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, open onto hallways and not to the service drives. As part of our service we regular mop the hallways.


Also part of our CLIMATE CONTROL service is that we regularly spray around the openings in the buildings to eliminate insect intrusion and similarly maintain rodent traps at important locations.


As we have stated elsewhere in this web site "All Safe" is our name "Security" is our game. First of all we have video cameras in the CLIMATE CONTROL hallways. Video images play to a recorder and to a large screen monitor in the office for all to see. We also control who enters a climate control area. Just like the main gate to our facility, doors entering climate controlled areas have a key pad entry and only tenants that have a unit in that area are allowed entry.

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5' x 5' Storage Units - Great for a few storage boxes, pictures, small furniture storage

5' x 10' Storage Units - Good for mattresses, computer desk and storage boxes, furniture storage

10' x 10' Storage Units - Ideal for contents of one bedroom apartment, office files, furniture storage

10' x 15' Storage Units - Superb for contents of small two bedroom apartment

10' x 20' Storage Units - Our most popular size for contents of approximately 1500 sq. ft. home, vehicle and RV storage

10' x 30' Storage Units - Ideal for storing RVs, vehicles or contents of 3-4 bedroom home

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